Clavum is a Pakistani professional services firm aspiring to be in a leading position in local and international markets as well. It was founded earlier in 2015 since then, its team has been assisting clients in the area of strategy, process, strategic human capital, and business technology. As a general management consulting firm, it is able to assist clients across these areas in an integrated fashion – from formulation to execution… Read More


Human Capital Solutions
At Clavum, our trained and well-experienced staff provides an unbiased, holistic approach to evaluation of an organization’s jobs.
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Clavum intends to help organizations for optimization of their important but non-core business functions. We provide the qualified staff.
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Technological Services
We have a team of young and experienced professionals to back us having deep experience of applying technologies to help you achieve your goals.
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Clavum Connect WhatsApp Group Membership

We have a highly effective WhatsApp Clavum Connect group which has got almost 150 members from different backgrounds. The group is growing day by day with increased effectiveness. Any professional wishing toRead More...
By : admin_cal | Mar 19, 2017

Top 3 signs of a terrible boss.

Clavum has recently conducted an interesting survey by the tile “Signs of a terrible boss” which was participated by more than 200 professionals. This interesting survey can be downloaded from “Downloads” section.
By : admin_cal | Mar 19, 2017

Training Programs Catalogue 2018

Training Calendar for 2018 shall be updated shortly.
By : admin_cal | Mar 19, 2017