This time I have chosen a topic which may invite a lot of disagreements towards me on the views that I am going to express. Nonetheless I would not mince my words and exercise my right of expression.

A lot has been and is being written about women empowerment. A fair deal of work has been going on around the world to empower women. However, I have a bone to pick with all such proponents of women empowerment who not only have been taking a narrower view of women empowerment rather have been promoting their this narrow ideology related to women empowerment across the world quite vehemently i.e. role of women to support economy of the world or socioeconomic role.

I have got a very different view of women empowerment and would like to broaden women’s empowerment’s definition that women are not to be empowered for economic benefits only, they must be empowered to play their roles freely, whatever they may be, for well-being a societies at large from varied aspects and therefore women empowerment for social development can never be ignored.

Promoting women empowerment only in corporate or economic development context may derail our societies. While I firmly believe that women must be encouraged to come forward and contribute in this sense in every part of the world as the diversity i.e. having a mix of gender, has it own beauties and benefits by all accounts which have been demonstrated and cannot be questioned. Yes organizations should also do their bits to let women’s greatness spread by developing corporate policies which do not suppress women’s talents rather provide them opportunities and cultures to grow professionally who choose to as well as personally. BUT is it the only scope and solution to this much talked topic? can a woman be made feel empowered if she is directly contributing towards the health of economy of her family/town/city/country/region? I emphasize and say that the concept of women empowerment has a much larger scope. For instance, we will need to look at the aspects that how do women contribute worldwide in their capacities. We shall notice somewhere their contribution is direct and somewhere it’s in direct, and I believe this is how nature’s system work anywhere in the world and its nature’s placement of women i.e. somewhere direct and somewhere indirect….even men are no exception under this nature’s system. Like if we have a team of 10 members in a department in any xyz company, can all they be managers? Of course not! Similarly, why do we take a narrow view of women empowerment. I shall take it as a destabilizing concept for societies.

I firmly believe that real empowerment comes through right and quality education, knowledge and information in addition to involvement in decesion making. Our emphasis should be to give right education, knowledge and information to the women which should enable them to make decisions for themselves whatever they may be instead of brain washing them and leading them to becoming corporate colones. I feel that this is abusive use of the concept of women empowerment i.e. brain washing women i.e. “you can feel empowered if you are earning or supporting economic development”. This is sheer leading someone, through a planned effort, to an intended point.

The real empowerment comes in a way that if women wish to be direct contributors of economic development in any capacity by being part of corporates/professional entities etc. their choice, if they wish to be indirect contributors, their choice! And, all the men should support their decisions. Its time for male chauvinism to give women their due space. I would very firmly say that if male dominant society does not extend flexibility to involve women in decisions and let them make choices for themselves, it will keep making us have a disbalanced society and the disruption of this balance is injustice to women’s talents, their rights etc. and a hindrance in healthy social development. Moreover, while discussing the topic in question, we don’t only have to keep urban women in mind, we have to include rural women in mind as well which may not have access to basic rights and for whom forming and expressing an independent opinion even for household affairs might be a far cry.

Since I do not agree with the limited scope of woman empowerment which is being chanted everywhere, I feel sorry for those who have not looked into the depth of the role which has been given to women by nature itself or it is being intentionally ignored. Woman are such great multitaskers and such a great talent which should not only be aimed at bringing results related to economic development rather women can do much more than this. They are meant to build greater societies and their potential role in economic development is just a small part of their JD as a woman. We need to provide them with right opportunities as they have immense potential to bring GREATNESS in societies.

When I attend seminars and talks on women empowerment, I only see women empowerment being talked about in economic development context. Enabling women as contributors of growth of economies or enabling them to become financially independent is one aspect of women empowerment. A woman cannot feel empowered even after having attained a financially secured status if we do not address other injustices which are prevailing in societies in many parts of the world i.e. no proper education for women, scanty laws to protect women, discrimination of all sorts etc. All such issues are still being faced by women of today’s age in different parts of the world. A woman will automatically be empowered if; we have a path for her to give her one of her basic rights i.e. education, knowledge and information which a lot of women in many countries are still deprived of as well as involvement in decision making, and to look at woman empowerment as a broader subject to deal with i.e. Women Greatness.

I have on purpose not mentioned in detail that how women can contribute in building of greater societies. I wish all my readers to explore by themselves as the information is just few clicks away and you will be surprised to know that there are countless ways through which women can be empowered. I just wished to share my thoughts and views and for those who may agree with me, I wished to ignite a thought process of looking at Empowerment to Greatness.

I would like to write a closing sentence and dedicate it to all women of the world; YOU AND YOUR OPINION MATTER AS MUCH AS I AND MINE, THATS MY WAY OF BRINGING ABOUT GREATNESS THROUGH YOU AS A WOMAN”.