Muhammad Farhan
Head of HR & OD, Dollar Industries Limited

“It was an extensive learning for me. I highly recommend this training program not only to HR professionals but to professionals in other functional areas as well to be able to understand implementation of KPIs framework and performance culture through relevant KPIs.
I expect that Clavum and the KPI Institute bring more such programs to Pakistan in future.”

Wahaj Hassan
Manager HR Coeus Solutions

“I congratulate Clavum and the KPI Institute for bringing in such quality educational training programs to Pakistan. Facilitator has done a great job. What I have earned is some happy learning moments. Overall, it was a great learning experience. I wish to recommend Certified KPI Professional program to maximum number of people known to me.”

Naveed Ishtiaq
Manager HR Coeus Solutions

“Before attending training program with Clavum and the KPI Institute, I had a lot of ifs and buts in my mind as there were not many professionals available in Pakistan who could share their feedback about the course. However, after attending this course, I must say that learning experience has been exceptionally well. This certification is likely to help me a lot in further helping my colleagues, at my employer, to benchmark KPIs internally as well as to help them understand that how can we drive change through KPIs for improved performance.”

Noman Faisal
Senior Manager HR, Servis Industries Limited

“The way whole course and designed and structured that is really commendable. One thing which I liked about this course is that there was a lot of knowledge sharing contributing to effective learning.I am 100% sure that when I go back I shall try my level to implement whatever I have learnt.”

Haroon Shabbir
General Manager HR, Master Group of Companies

“This is a must and highly recommended course. I have learnt a lot from it. Such courses are need of the hour especially in Pakistani market where we do not have advanced performance management systems. In order to be able to under performance management system in a better way, I would love to implement whole program at my organization to make sure that it turns into a performance based organization.”

Muhammad Farooq
CFO, Allied Marketing

“I thank Clavum from brining in courses in Pakistan having inernational standards. I am hoping that many more such courses will be offered in future. I have learnt a lot and taking away many new learnt things to my organization.”

Zulfiqar Janjua
Director HR, Riphah International University

“It indeed has been a pleasure joining hands with Clavum and the KPI Institute for KPIs advisory project. Organizational KPIs Selection Project is one of the key steps towards achieving our goals and we are thankful to Clavum and the KPI Institute for their contribution.”